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About TheyDo

TheyDo is on a mission to help organisations scale Journey Management. Today, everyone is in the Experience business; here, we help our customers to make better and faster customer-centric decisions across the entire customer experience. Thanks to TheyDo, everyone agrees, including the customer.

Founded in 2019, TheyDo has raised $2M+ to start a movement. Journey Management is a new discipline in business, and we aim to help customer-centric organisations of all sizes, markets and locations, with a mission to provide excellent customer experiences.

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Our culture

TheyDo's culture is 'Do' rather than 'Talk'. Better ask for forgiveness instead of permission, no one will be accused of trying. We try to keep things simple because complexity slows us down.

It's not about the time spent, but the outcome achieved. It's up to everyone to map, plan and interact in the best way to get the most out of their day, week, and sprint. Always with an open mindset because we never know when and where the next great idea will surface.

Being remote we nourish and cherish connectivity, so no one feels alone or left out. We don't have long lines of communication or decisions because hierarchies and silos are part of the past and we love to shape the future. In our virtual office, you can just walk up to your team to have a quick chat, get work done or simply say hello. We motivate everyone to find their own work/life balance. Whether you choose to work asynchronously or synchronously it's up to you as long it fits you and your team.

TheyDo is an equal employer treating everyone as equals. We value diversity and individuality. We think long term and strive to hire the best match for each role, no matter your background.